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NEW USED GARBAGE, paradise of waste. (SinQuenza SOLO)                  Español    

madridartprocess.com11 December 2011

SEBASTIAAN CORNELIS. New, Used, Garbage, Paradise of waste.

Until December 13th we can see in Espacio F a project by Sebastiaan Cornelis, an artist who  immerses the viewer, trough his work with strong symbolic meanings, in a world that goes beyond advertising, the ads are metaphors of a reality of consumption. “New, Used, Garbage, Paradise Of Waste” is a investigation carried out by the artist from a world that we all have observed, but has not yet been represented in this way and that is what is shown to us in this exhibition. Where trash, the new and the appeal of advertising are mixed. Espacio F

arteinformado.com8 December 2011

Exhibitions which invite to reflect about different topics.
Among the twenty selected from the recently opened exhibitions in Spain we want to highlight some of them to emphasize the act of reflecting on various topics. (...)
In Madrid two exhibitions reflect on various topics. The first takes place in the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia (MNCARS) where you can visit the exhibition "Emilio Ambasz. Inventions: architecture and design", dedicated to Emilio Ambasz (Argentina, 1943 - lives in New York). Ambasz, considered a precursor of green architecture, challenges preconceived ideas about their vision of building the proposed architecture and green design for hospitals, greenhouses, skyscrapers, houses, office buildings and department stores. Using a technique he called 'the green on gray', he reflects on the desire to use of space and the public need for open green spaces, integrating architecture with nature. The other exhibition in Madrid is "New, used, trash, paradise of waste" by SinQuenza - Sebastiaan Cornelis van Leeuwen van Daalen (Hengelo, Holland, 1989) in Espacio F. Mercado de Fuencarral. This artist exaggerates the world in which we live, in a funny and ironically friendly way, but also makes us reflect and think about the future of a world, increasingly abstracting. (...)

kedin.es6 December 2011 

'New, used, garbage, paradise of waste' in Espacio F 

The Fuencarral Market is known for the variety of items that can be found inside. All types of shops with a distinctive personal style. What many do not
"I want my work to have the visual qualities of a hamburger commercial."
 realize is that it also houses Espacio F, a gallery where young artists display their works.

SinQuenza is the lucky guy who has a place in the program of the gallery from Mercado de Fuencarral for the month of December. His work is based on a reflection on the culture of consumption that characterizes modern society today. The color in his compositions is the first thing which arrives to the public, it attracts. Only in the second look it becomes clear which message is being transmitted, a critique of the current need to buy, to own objects completely dispensable for our daily life.

Anyone who comes downtown Madrid market from 11 am to 9 pm will enjoy the exhibition 'New, used, trash, paradise of waste'. This will be Monday through Saturday, but also the first Sunday of each month will be open from 10 am to 10 pm, a perfect day to stop by Espacio F while you go shopping.

deautores.wordpress.com5 December 2011  

Commerce in the 21st century: The Fuencarral Market By Lorena Gonzalez Sagrado
If you are living in or are visiting the Spanish capital and still don't know the Fuencarral Market, do not hesitate: go running to see it. (...)
Fuencarral-street is one of the most famous streets of central Madrid for its concurrence of stores. And right in the vortex of identical clothes and outfits without personality, spaces dedicated solely for consumption, by consumption, appears a building inside of this ecosystem, but this one breaks the established rules.

The Cafeteria
Fuencarral Market is a commercial place like any other market, but it has a different touch. (...) We could make a long list of everything you can find in this particular market: a vintage dress, all kinds of decoration for your home, a tutu, a stylish outfit for a wedding, collectors items, plates with original drawings, funny watches, military items, etc.

 But best of this market is its heterogeneous nature. In the main entrance you will find a wide variety of cultural magazines which inform you to find your perfect plan for this week. (...) This is the appetizer. Actually, what we love from Fuencarral Market is the change depending on which floor you are. And just down the stairs, the environment changes...

SinQuenza hasta la vista visual artista
We arrive at Espacio F, the gallery where young artists have the opportunity to exhibit their works. In November 2011 Daniel Cerrejón with his 'Galería Juana de Aizpuru', now it is the turn for Sebastiaan Cornelis van Leeuwen van Daalen. SinQuenza, is his pseudonym in the art world, will show his work during the month of December in this space. 'New, Used, Trash, paradise of waste' is the chosen work, which invites us to reflect on the role of consumption as a characteristic of today's world. With bright colors and simple ideas, he reaches the public quickly. Only after the first look is when the viewer stops to think what the message is. It is the characteristic of the vast majority of emerging artists, plus an open question in the search for an answer: Where does this society go? How will it be in a few years if we continue down this path? (...) December 2011


A beautiful mix of waste, consumption and exoticism. I think these words describ the work best. And if you look closely, it is this mix of exoticism and garbage, so exaggerated, which gives the full meaning to the work. When I saw his work, I immediately thought about something exotic, almost tropical. It reminds me of some Caribbean beverage advertisements, culinary specialties or extraordinary  products.

Completing your adventurous spirit. The symbolism and metaphor, which is integrated into the work, is that we all feel the beauty inside, because it follows a specific logic of beauty. This logic is known for all advertising professionals and prostitutes, known for restaurants and clubs that use names and forms that come from the other side the world (imagination). Nightclubs in Northern Europe under the name of "El Dorado", a woman named "Justine La Belle" or beauty salons called "Fantasy".

One may think they are pure kitsch, but it's true that some products have attracted me with its wonderful shine and my memories have been immersed in a beautiful new world. As an artist, he exaggerates the world in which we live, with a funny and friendly irony and makes us care for this world.

For me, the lightness in the works is incredibly funny, but at the same time it makes you think. His works are not a warning at all, rather a rhetorical way of thinking about the future of a world that becomes increasingly more abstract. A world in which we are attracted by the unusual and we've lost interest in the simple things we have right in front of us.

Without any color, exotic shapes or tropical explosion of fireworks, we turn our backs, because the norm becomes something that smells dirty. With his work he is investigating in which direction our borders are changing, in our quest for perfect beauty and tacky, using this fine aspect of the extraordinary. And that is exotic in a world of hyper-abstraction, where the children in the city believe in purple cows and strawberry trees.

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madridartprocess.com11 December 2011

Nuevo, Usado, Basura, Paraíso de los residuos.

Hasta el 13 de diciembre podemos ver en el Espacio F un proyecto de Sebastiaan Cornelis, artista que a través de su obra, con una fuerte carga simbólica, sumerge al espectador en un mundo que va mas allá de la publicidad, de los anuncios, son metáforas de una realidad del consumo. “Nuevo, Usado, Basura, Paraíso De Los Residuos” es una investigación que ha llevado a cabo el artista de un mundo que todos hemos observado, pero aún no se ha llegado a representar de esta forma y así nos lo muestra en esta exposición en la que se entremezcla la basura, lo nuevo, y lo atractivo de la publicidad. Espacio F